R&D – The Metal Power Advantage

Innovation and invention have therefore always been a way of life and a driving force for us. At the core of all our efforts is our unique, one-of-a-kind and fully in-house R&D and Applications Centre. Spread across various functions – Optics, Embedded Systems, Applications, Software development etc. – our team is staffed by scientists, engineers and technologists working at the cutting edge of technology, carrying some of the richest and deepest reservoirs of expertise available in the field of analytical instruments for metal industries.

We are the first and only company to offer:

Current-controlled sources even at entry-level

N analysis on every model in the portfolio

Time-resolved spectroscopy on fully-CCD OES
Low O (5 ppm), N (2 ppm) etc. on fully-CCD OES

Customized Applications

Patented Offerings:

Our R&D has developed several new technologies and methodologies that have been patented and are uniquely offered only by Metal Power, globally. Some of these include:

Fully quantitative fine wires analysis down to 0.1 mm diameter
Design to increase CCD resolution in integer multiples
Fibre optics design to enable scanning solutions
Detection of Hydrogen in molten Al (H-Scan)
Direct analysis of powders on OES
Analysis of thin foils (20 microns) on OES

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