Profile and History

“Founded in 1987, Metal Power provides a comprehensive range of products, applications and services to meet the analytical needs of metal industries. Our Products division offers:

Apart from the product range, Metal Power through its Laboratory Division also offers

Today the Company boasts over 30 years of experience serving the needs of ferrous and non-ferrous metals industries and has a truly global presence, spread across more than 35 countries in 5 continents. The common denominator across all our offerings – products, applications and services – remains our commitment to deliver the highest level of quality, reliability and uptime, while also offering the lowest cost over the product lifecycle, through low acquisition costs, backed by the highest quality of service and after-sales support to our customers – wherever they may be.

Our solutions have helped clients improve the quality of their products while also delivering millions in ongoing cost-savings and revenue enhancements through material cost savings, elimination of rework / rejections, dramatic improvements in productivity and of course, research and development of newer materials and alloys. Today, our instruments power several leading companies across industry sectors and geographical markets. With a rapidly expanding base of close to 2,000+ customers already, we are today, the largest OES firm in India and one of the fastest-growing in the world.

Inception as are presentation, trading & consultation company in metals industries
Entered the field of Optical Emission Spectrometry.
Introduction of Metallurgical Image Analyzers & Metallography Kits.
Launch of Metavision CCD-based OES.
Launch of Certified Reference Materials (CRM) range.
Became largest OES firm in India; a position that only gets stronge
2,000+ customers across 35+ countries in 5 continents

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