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MOSS – The world’s most compact and economical OES in the world. Ever!” Small size. Big Performance! IMMENSE RESULTS MOSS heralds a true breakthrough in OES technology. It is by far the most economical spectrometer ever made – with prices starting at about half those of conventional OES! Don’t be taken in by the size and the price however. This is a true Powerhouse offering detection limits even down to 50 ppm! Now, every firm, however small can afford a truly powerful OES with phenomenal performance – and unparalleled quality and economy!


  • High accuracy and precision
  • Upgradable seamlessly without limit
  • Capable of Nitrogen analysis
  • 30+ elements across bases
  • Multi-base capability
  • Fully digital current-controlled source
  • Most economical OES ever
  • 2,000+ burns per cylinder!

Capable of analysing Ferrous and non-Ferrous metals and alloys, MOSS offers multi-base capability and analytical capabilities across 30+ elements, including Nitrogen, making MOSS a virtual must-have for any firm in the metal industry. From primary units for start-ups and smaller firms, to back-up units for even the biggest and best, MOSS offers a uniquely powerful, flexible and economic solution for an immensely wide range of needs.

MOSS offers industry-leading economy on every single aspect. Delivering 2,000+ burns per cylinder, it sets a new benchmark for Argon consumption. Routine maintenance requirements are minimal and the instrument is designed to be operable even by laymen after basic training delivered at the time of installation. It’s also the most compact and light model ever seen, with a footprint of just 10”*11”*12” and a weight of just about 15 kg. This makes it easily transportable even under one arm and ensures it can be placed virtually anywhere.

The MOSS is not just modular in the design of its hardware, but also in the design of Applications. All Applications are available in scalable manner with a design that ensures that a user can truly invest based on needs. The build-as-you-go system coupled with the immense flexibility of the MOSS ensures that modules can be added over time – on-site as well – ensuring that the system grows as business does!

To make this instrument a reality, we have developed cutting-edge technology coupled with world’s firsts in Optics as well as Applications! No aspect of the instrument has been compromised in any manner – and each sub-system has been engineered to the highest levels of quality, right from the technology platform to the material and component choices.

The instrument is equipped with an extremely powerful and yet, highly compact digital current-controlled plasma generator, ensuring the highest levels of precision accuracy and stability. Offering plasma stability comparable to far higher-end models, this sets MOSS apart right from the outset – making MOSS the only OES in its class to feature a fully digital current-controlled source! The results are phenomenal – with the OES delivering phenomenal precision across the entire range of metals and alloys.

The optics on the MOSS are truly ground-breaking. Extremely compact, the design focuses on delivering high precision and accuracy along with wide elemental coverage. Line selection is enabled across the entire wavelength range while the design, coupled with the power source, also enable extremely high flexibility in terms of min-max range for each element. MOSS therefore features factory calibrations for 30+ elements across multiple bases including Fe, Cu, Al, Zn, Ni, Pb, Sn, Mg, Co, Ti etc. More bases can be added at any point in time, at factory or on-site, to meet specific application needs. The optics design also delivers significant upsides on stability – short- and long-term – as well as economy!

MOSS – In every possible sense of the word, the BOSS!

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