High performance on wheels

Built specifically to address testing needs that mandate testing outside the Laboratory, our M-series mobile OES are opti-mized in every aspect that’s critical to make an OES truly mobile, without sacrificing the required level of performance. Re-flecting this, the Metavision-108M addresses each aspect of mobility without compromising on ruggedness! With a wide range of probe options, the Metavision-108M is designed to ensure that every single need can be addressed with the minimum of fuss. Indeed, our Combi-probe options ensure that even the need to change probes on field is minimized. That said, such is the design that changing probes is easier done than said! With minimum fuss, and just 2 clicks, you can swap probes on-field in a matter of seconds. The probes are highly optimized for both elemental coverage as well as speed, with Carbon analysis offered on all probes (including Arc).

The Metavision-108M consumes low power – and comes equipped with a light and long-life field-swappable battery! The combination ensures hours of sustained use even in places with no Mains power supply. A single battery charge covers well over half a day of usage (even with the UV probe), contributing to peace of mind and reducing the variables one needs to account for at site. The Metavision-108M also comes equipped with the widest range of adaptors including those for curved surfaces, edges, wires and rods, odd shapes etc.

Specifications are subject to change
on account of product upgrades.

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