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Often an application calls for testing of items like a boiler, overhead pipes or specific parts aboard ships. Whether testing for the grade or for signs of stress, fatigue, corrosion or risk of failure, such testing calls for high-precision analysis and is just not suited for the typical process of Lab testing. This is where high-end mobile OES like the Metavision-1008M3 come into their own. The Metavision-1008M3 delivers high quality performance while offering all the flexibility, agility and convenience of mobile OES. The multi-CMOS optics of the Metavision-1008M3 cover the full analytical range up to 671 nm, covering 55+ elements (including Li and Na analysis) and offer very high resolution. Indeed, the resolution is comparable to and even better than most mid-range Laboratory OES! The optics are also completely insulated and thermally stabilized with a design that accounts for the unit being used entirely outdoors and across a wide range of ambient temperatures. The hermetically sealed and thermally stabilized on-trolley optics provide optical performance that is truly unparalleled on mobile OES!

With a wide range of probe options, the Metavision-1008M3 is designed to ensure that every single need can be addressed with the minimum of fuss. Indeed, our combined probe options ensure that even the need to change probes on field is minimized. That said, such is the design that changing probes is easier done than said! With minimum fuss, and just 2 clicks, you can swap probes on-field in a matter of seconds. The probes are highly optimized for both elemental coverage as well as speed, with Carbon analysis offered on all probes (including Arc).

All of this and the unit is scarcely larger than its sibling, the Metavision-108M!

Specifications are subject to change
on account of product upgrades.

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