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Research in the field of spectrometry has continually been focused on ever-lower detection limits and faster analysis time coupled with high precision and accuracy. At Metal Power, our R&D team focuses on these, while not losing sight of the need to deliver economic value across the product lifecycle. The Metavision-1008i, exemplifies all these endeavours, offering rapid and highly precise and accurate analysis of an extremely wide range elements at very low levels of in ferrous and non-ferrous metals, while also offering exceptional economical value.


  • 35+ elements in standard calibrations; Includes N, C, S, P, B  etc. all to low levels
  • Extreme flexibility – any number of bases and matrices,  including on-site additions
  • Fully digital pulsed current-controlled power source
  • Thermally stabilized optics to ensure high accuracy and  precision
  • Latest-generation processing software for noise-free clear  spectra for low detection limits with high precision and  accuracy
  • Grade Identification library for quick identification and  confirmation of grades
  • Advanced features including auto-identification of grade and  matrix, ARQC etc.
  • Vacuum-free optics enabling lower capital and maintenance  costs and very rapid stabilization
  • Special applications for master alloy calibrations, melt  addition programs and more

The dual-optics system on the Metavision-1008i was the first to utilize Metal Power’s patented D-Scan optics system. Leveraging this technology, the Metavision-1008i doubles detector resolution and improves detection limits, precision and accuracy multi-fold over conventional optical design. The D-Scan system reduces costs as well, delivering tremendous value. _e optical system spans a wide range of wavelengths with complete spectral coverage in the range – ensuring that 35+ elements are analysed in standard factory calibrations across metals and alloys.

Equally at ease in ferrous and non-ferrous applications for all manner of pure metals and alloys, the Metavision-1008i delivers limits as low as 15 ppm for Carbon (C) and 10 ppm for Sulphur (S) in steels. Added to this, Nitrogen (N) is also analysed down to 20 ppm, making the Metavision-1008i ideal for the vast majority of analytical requirements. In non-ferrous metals too, the Metavision-1008i delivers analysis of 99.9+% for all pure metals, with some (Cu, Pb etc.) going well beyond 99.95% purity as well.

For any spectrometer, the quality as well as the stability of analyses are very closely correlated with the quality of the power source – and the stability of the current discharge it provides. Additionally, the ability to tailor output at a granular level is critical to ensure that analysis is optimized for each element in every application. The innovative digital plasma generator of the Metavision-1008i comprises a fully current-controlled source with a wide range of outputs for each parameter of the discharge. With ultra-granular computer-based control over each parameter, the power unit ensures the highest levels of plasma stability and the ability to generate the ideal spectra for different

applications. Designed for inputs of 90-270 V AC, this is also truly global and can be used in any part of the world without restriction.

The Metavision-1008i has been built to be very easy to service and maintain. Fully modular in its build, the instrument has optimized isolation of sub-systems to deliver twin benefits – no interference / noise and easy access for maintenance and servicing. Each system is easily and independently accessible to engineers for servicing and to operators for routine maintenance tasks. The design also ensures that no sub-system is at risk during any activity including cleaning and changing any of the consumables.

In any spectrometer, far beyond design specifications and feature-sets, it is the nature, quality and usability of analytical outputs that drive value. To this end, the Metavision-1008i has been equipped with features that meet the vast majority of needs of users across sectors.

This spans not just the elemental coverage and detection limits, but also the additional outputs the spectrometer and analytical suite deliver. On the analytical capabilities, this is delivered through capabilities across the vast majority of elements needed in every base. From C, S, P and N to V, Sb, Hg and As, the Metavision-1008i provides an immense range of coverage with low detection limits.

This apart, the analytical suite has also been crafted to deliver value through both standard and optional features. Equipped with a powerful and customizable report writing engine, the Analyst suite on the Metavision-1008i also offers a host of other features. Ranging from gas quality checks and proactive alert systems to Grades and CRM Libraries – both pre-loaded and user-configurable – as well as the ability to add customized Melt Addition Programs, the suite leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that the instrument enables Laboratories to maximize the value a spectrometer delivers.

Steel Plants and makers of all manner of ferrous alloys require analysis of a wide range of elements with a focus on high accuracy and precision. The Metavision-1008i analyses 29+ elements in ferrous metals – including Nitrogen down to 20 ppm – and covers all the key elements, excluding Oxygen, down to a level of 10-20 ppm for most elements with some being analysed to even lower levels. This makes the instrument ideal for most firms making or processing alloy steels, cast iron, alloyed cast irons and also stainless steels.

In non-ferrous applications, the Metavision-1008i’s high resolution results in wide analytical ranges across elements. This ensures it analyses all manner of low as well as high alloys with exceptional analytical accuracy and precision, delivering not just trace analysis but also master alloy analysis. For pure metal producers such as those in Lead, Zinc, Copper, Titanium etc., the Metavision-1008i offers low limits of detection across a wide range of elements including heavy elements such as Lead, Arsenic, Cadmium etc., enabling users to meet purity requirements and also ensure compliance with regulatory norms. In pure metal applications, the Metavision-1008i offers detection limits that enable analysis of metals of up to 99.95+% purity with exceptionally high precision.

Commercial laboratories cater to a whole host of industries, often analyzing several hundreds of samples daily for different bases, matrices etc. For such laboratories, having a spectrometer with a high throughput, low operating costs and wide range of covered elements and detection ranges is essential to ensure satisfaction of a varied clientele. The Metavision-1008i has a rapid analysis time assuring high throughput and low detection limits that meet the analytical requirements of just about every industrial user, making it the ideal solution for most Commercial Laboratories.

Key Specifications

  • Multi-optics system using latest-generation, high-resolution  detectors
  • Focal length of up to 250 mm
  • Resolution: Down to 13 pm (1 pm = 10-12 m / 10-3 nm);
  • Thermally stabilized optics to ensure high precision and  stability
  • Fully digital Pulsed Current-Controlled Source for plasma  generation
  • 90-270 VAC; 50/60 Hz
Specifications are subject to change
on account of product upgrades.

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