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The presence of Hydrogen in molten Aluminium poses problems to the foundry and casting industries, as high residual hydrogen can result in significant porosity after casting, leading to rejections or the risk of mechanical failure. Metal Power’s H-Scan Analyser has been built to rapidly and accurately analyse the Hydrogen content in molten Aluminium and has a number of features which are unique to this model.


  • Rapid analysis in just 3 minutes!
  • Fast and Accurate correction based on sample weight
  • Most accurate method for shopfloor testing for Hydrogen
  • Fast and easy recalibration / testing on-site itself
  • Highly economical – INR 5 / USD 0.07 per test!
  • Display in cc/100gm or in ppm
  • Thermal Printer for printouts of various required output parameters
  • USB Interface to download sample data
  • Full traceability – calibrated using certified pipettes
  • Works in the harsh environment of foundries up to 60°C

Why H-Scan is needed

The manufacturing industry has imposed increasing demands on aluminum foundries in recent years for the improvement of the quality & reliability of castings. From high-tech sectors like Automotive, Aerospace and Defence, to the high-volume consumer-focused industries such as Food and Beverages, the demand from Aluminium suppliers is for porosity-free material. Many of the difficulties in achieving the required quality standards when it comes to porosity are derived from an inadequate control of the hydrogen concentration in the melt.

Should the melt not be degassed efficiently (release of the dissolved hydrogen) or be cooled too quickly, the resulting solid metal remains porous. In all such situations, the final casting has to be rejected because of the unacceptable level of porosity that has occurred.

It is therefore imperative for all aluminum foundries to invest in the appropriate hydrogen detection and degassing equipment. Most foundries have of course already invested in or indulge in some manner of degassing. However, most still do not have a good quality instrument for measuring the actual Hydrogen level in the melt. Knowledge of this level obviously enables far more efficient de-gassing and results in far greater assurance even prior to pouring the melt!

Metal Power’s H-Scan offers the most advantageous solution across multiple assessment dimensions for rapid, accurate and traceable measurement of Hydrogen levels in the molten Aluminium.

What H-Scan Offers:

Quite simply, H-Scan takes as input a sample of the molten Hydrogen and within 3 minutes, provides the user with a reading of the Hydrogen content in the melt. This reading – whether in ppm or in cm3/100g, enables users to assess if and how much more de-gassing is needed or whether the melt can now be cast without risk of high porosity. This enables adjustments to be made, if required in the melt itself, prior to casting!

Why H-Scan!

H-Scan offers a reliable and automated combination of four key advantages for users that are not available on any other instrument, making it the ideal solution for any quality-conscious foundry:

1. Accuracy – with full automation and storage of results
2. Traceability – without complexity, using certified, calibrated pipettes provided with the H-Scan
3. Speed – with reliability; analyses within 3 minutes and within 5% of even the best Lab methods
4. Economy – with a cost of just INR 5 / USD 0.07 per test!

H-Scan provides measurement accuracy within 5% of the vacuum sub-fusion method. While Vacuum sub-fusion is considered the reference method for the highest accuracy, it remains both very slow and extremely expensive and largely restricted to laboratories. For industry applications therefore, H-Scan provides the most accurate results of any instrument / method. Indeed, the H-Scan also has an in-built weighing station, the output of which is used by the computer to even correct the value for weight differences across samples!

Also, unlike the low-cost first-bubble systems, the H-Scan is fully automated. This ensures that:a. No manual error is possible: There is no manual step involved and all tasks after starting the analysis are fully computer-controlled.b. Database is stored on the computer: This ensures that all results are extremely accurate and granular.

One of the key issues with Hydrogen measurement in the melt is traceability. It’s impossible to have CRMs of molten metal, making most instruments impossible to calibrate or test for accuracy. This however does not apply to the H-Scan. Metal Power being an NABL-accredited for Laboratory (Proficiency Testing Provider, Wet Chemical Lab, Instrumentation Lab and CRM) has ensured that the H-Scan is fully traceable and that it can be tested and calibrated on-site with minimum cost and fuss.

The instrument is supplied with certified calibrated pipettes that can be used for quick checking of accuracy and can also be used for correcting the calibration if needed. Further, given the simplicity of this process, it can be carried out on-site by the operators or engineers as well, without requiring an expensive shipment to a Laboratory.

The Metavision-1008i has been built to be very easy to service and maintain. Fully modular in its build, the instrument has optimized isolation of sub-systems to deliver twin benefits – no interference / noise and easy access for maintenance and servicing. Each system is easily and independently accessible to engineers for servicing and to operators for routine maintenance tasks. The design also ensures that no sub-system is at risk during any activity including cleaning and changing any of the consumables.

With a cycle time of just 3 minutes, the H-Scan provides reliable outputs to the user well in time to make changes to the melt. Also, since the process is computer-controlled, the results are highly reliable – and have the highest levels of accuracy and traceability.

Also, results of analyses are stored on the computer and can be readily retrieved for ensuring traceability over time.

The H-Scan requires virtually no consumables. No expensive probes are used and the only consumable item is a thin SS wire. Including energy costs, oil for the vacuum pump etc. therefore, the instrument delivers an operating cost of just INR 5 per analysis! This compares favourably with every single quality solution in the market, while still delivering higher accuracy and traceability than all of them!

Specifications are subject to change
on account of product upgrades.

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