Sample Preparation Machines

Sample Preparation Machines

Spectrometer sample preparation is a key step towards ensuring good analytical results. With Metal Power’s Sample Preparation Machines, at last, sample preparation for spectrometers can be done within your own lab and under your own control. No more waiting for samples to be prepared from outside. No more potential mix-ups between samples and best of all, no more anxiety of needlessly losing precious reference material – enabling more savings. Aesthetically and ergonomically designed by practising spectrometrists, our instruments are incredibly rugged, robust and reliable and are designed to keep the Lab environment totally clean and keep noise and vibration levels to the minimum while making life simpler and better for spectrometer users. Also offering models with automation features as well as mechanical holders (with in-built Verniers to control sample consumption), our units help ensure the highest quality of sample surface – which directly results in improved analytical results! We offer a range of models to cater to the needs of different customers based on the materials they prepare.


  • MiniPol
  • 2in1-GP
  • 2in1-TP
  • 2in1-TP-AFVS
  • 3in1
  • 3in1-AFVS

Specifications are subject to change
on account of product upgrades.

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