Get location-agnostic access to real-time visualization as well as historical logs, statistical process control charts, infographics of analysis result and diagnostic data of your spectrometer on mobile and web applications

Surf through our offerings list of instruments, accessories, services, spares, and consumables. Place a quick quotation request – and you can track this too!

Get live details on your spectrometer’s analysis and diagnostic screen from anywhere in the world

Log and track your service requests. View any service case and report across the instrument’s lifecycle as stored in our CRM

Get immediate access to our latest software updates across our product range, ensuring your instruments are always running seamlessly on the latest and best software

View the status of your OES and its critical systems, enabling better preventive maintenance and dramatically reducing time and effort spent in troubleshooting

Look up historical data; sort, filter and scroll through to get exactly the data points / sets that you want

Integrated with Metal Power’s CRM which enable access to service history and all service reports

Seamless accessibility across all major mobile and tablet Operating Systems and Browsers

Access, download and share spectrometer reports in PDF, Excel and Word formats from any point in the world, using any device.

Leverage insights from visualization tools like charts and graphs to view and understand trends, outliers, and patterns of your analysis data

Store/backup your database on a fully secured platform for easy recovery. (MetaCloud’s plaform conforms with EU guidelines on privacy and security)

Save money with a self-help knowledge base to solve technical queries and issues.

Full-screen dashboard across real-time and historical data to provide an immediate snapshot of data and key insights to those in a hurry.

Get timely updates and reminders on Service offerings, instrument coverage status and new offerings from Metal Power

Unlock the true benefits offered by digital transformation in 5 simple steps!

STEP-1 Download and install the MetaCloud app

STEP-2 Sign-up to create your FREE account

STEP-3 Add your Spectrometer under 'My Devices' tab

STEP-4 Pair your Device to your 'MetaCloud' App

STEP-5 Enjoy your 'FREE' Subscription!

Save up to 30%* on annual subscription

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