Fraud Warning

Types of Misrepresentation and Fraud

In the recent past, instances have been brought to our attention of the following kinds of misrepresentation and fraud:

Persons claiming to be distributors / licensees of Metal Power
Such persons claim to be distributors or licensees and selling Metal Power spectrometers – but with other brand names / covers. Do note that Metal Power offers direct sales and services in multiple markets while working through authorized and exclusive partners in others. In India, particularly, Metal Power has no distributors or agents. Further, in no market of the world does Metal Power operate through any licensees.

We have encountered cases of the following:

We would like to clarify that:

Should you as a prospective buyer require any clarifications or reassurance about any person/firm approaching you, we urge you to write to us or call us directly for confirmation. We can be reached at:

Ph: +91 22 4083 0500

We also urge you to go through the list of known persons and entities that are not affiliated in any shape or form with Metal Power.

List of Entities / Persons NOT affiliated with Metal Power

The following persons and entities are not in any shape of form affiliated with Metal Power. The list also contains some persons and entities against whom Metal Power is pursuing legal action for IP theft, fraud and misrepresentation. The list is not exhaustive – and should you have any concerns, please do raise them to us immediately.

Entities not affiliated with Metal Power:

Persons not affiliated with Metal Power:

Metal Power has also won a court verdict against this person on multiple counts including spreading of false information regarding Metal Power.

Steps to protect from fraud

In case you suspect misrepresentation or fraud, please undertake the following steps:

Ph: +91 22 4083 0500

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