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(English) About the Laboratory Division

(English) Our NABL-accredited chemical and analytical research Laboratories specialise in the analysis of metals. The in-depth knowledge of our analysts and chemists across a range of specializations enables us to conduct elemental analyses on a wide range of metals with the highest degree of accuracy and reliability.

Our services for Materials Testing make use of all of Classical Wet Chemistry (Wet Chemical Analysis), Arc-Spark Optical / Atomic Emission Spectrometry (OES), Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (AAS) as well as Combustion Analysis. These services support our OES and CRM divisions as well as the Proficiency Testing services we offer to our customers. As NABL-accredited Proficiency Testing Providers, we service a wide and ever-expanding range of customers based on ISO/IEC 17043 standards. With a team of highly-qualified Chemists, we use Chemical and ultra-modern instrumental methods and procedures of analysis to satisfy a wide and increasing scope of requirements.

Backed by our deep understanding of testing needs, processes and of course, of instruments and technology, our Laboratory Division has grown in leaps and bounds every year – in both scope and scale. Today, our Proficiency Testing services are acknowledged as among the best in India – with our customers including the biggest and best firms and Laboratories across Government entities and the private sector. Indeed, in several fields, we are either the sole service providers or among just a small handful of firms offering these programs.

(English) Proficiency Testing Services

(English) Metal Power’s Laboratory Division offers a range of NABL-accredited Proficiency Testing (PT) programs for Laboratories. Today, MPA’s PT programs are widely acknowledged as among the best in the industry and our client base for PT includes some of the biggest and best firms in the country across the public and private sectors.

As spectrometer and CRM manufacturers and with deep expertise and experience in metal industries, we apply our knowledge to ensure that Laboratories gain real value from our programs – many of which are unique to us or offered by a limited few.

For details on programs, prices, schedules and more, please write to us at sales@metalpower.net

(English) Certified Reference Materials

(English) Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) are standard blocks of metal which come with certificates indicating the concentration their various constituent elements along with their uncertainty levels. CRMs are not just a nice-to-have,  though. Indeed, for spectrometer users, CRMs are a must-have, delivering untold value in multiple situations.

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