Our Service Promise

Metal Power does all that it takes to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. Our primary objective is to provide the industry with reliable and rugged instruments at affordable prices. In each category, Metal Power’s spectrometers offer industry-leading performance, coupled with the lowest costs of ownership. We understand the criticality of our instruments to the operations of our customers and are committed to ensuring minimum downtime.

Our extensive team of dedicated and highly trained service engineers are equipped to handle service issues on our products. This is supported by an efficient call-logging system that is accessible to all customers via our phone lines, email or website. We are committed to supporting our customers in protecting their investment in expensive equipment and in ensuring that their business does not suffer through instrument-related issues.

Budgeting for spares and consumables is obviously not easily possible especially when prices are unknown and unpredictable. It is our endeavour therefore, that customers should not have to face unpleasant surprises with respect to their maintenance expenditure. We are committed to building instruments of the highest quality and robustness. Indeed, we would be happiest if no spares were ever needed by our customers! But even if such need arises, Metal Power ensures that spares and consumables are easily available and at economical prices. We also train willing customers to the maximum possible extent so that most of the simple and common issues can be attended to by the operators themselves.

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