Fakes / Duplicates / Counterfeits

Spectrometers being complex and extremely sophisticated as well as sensitive instruments, it is essential to ensure that each component is not just of the highest quality but is in alignment with all others in its sub-system and that each module is optimally aligned to others; this ensures that instruments deliver high performance – accuracy, precision and stability. At Metal Power, we take the utmost care to optimize each element and component of every system to optimize instrument performance. This is what ensures the performance and longevity of our instruments.

Unfortunately, our large installed base has led to the rise of unscrupulous and dishonest persons and companies in the market offering duplicate and fake / counterfeit parts to our customers at low prices – with assurances that they are “the same” as the parts we would supply. Such persons or firms frequently claim to have been earlier associated with Metal Power or – at times – of being our representatives / agents and then offer service / AMCs and use such mandates to open instruments. These can be severely harmful to the instruments and therefore to our customers.

Just a few of the negative effects that we have seen are highlighted below:

  • An engineer who is not trained by MPA on the latest techniques and designs may well cause damage to the instrument – which he will often try to blame on the instrument itself
  • Such engineers invariably create issues in the instrument leading to the customer then having to order various parts to rectify them
  • Poor quality of fake / counterfeit parts frequently causes failure of other connected systems resulting in large losses of productivity and of course, cost
  • Low-grade component choice most often results in poor plasma stability and reduction in accuracy as well as precision
  • Second-hand, cannibalized or obsolete components have not only reduced life, but also compromise instrument performance leading to dissatisfaction with results

Metal Power has taken and continues to take stringent action against each such instance that is uncovered. We are however aware of the fact that such instances and occurrences continue and therefore urge all our customers to undertake the following steps to protect their interests at all times:

  • Please read through the Fraud Warning Section of the website in detail and follow all Verification steps listed therein
  • Take note of the list of known entities / personnel who are not associated with Metal Power but may claim to be so

Contact Metal Power directly in case of any doubt whatsoever at:

Toll-free: 1800 532 5111

Ph: +91 4083 0537 / 38 / 39

E-mail: service@metalpower.net / sales@metalpower.net

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