Allied Equipments

Integrated Safety Modules and Panels

In several markets, the quality of power supply remains poor. We recognize the need to protect our customers from expensive repairs that could result from faults caused by such issues.Our patented Integrated Safety Modules (IntegSM) and Panels (IntegSP) protect your Spectrometer Systems (and any other connected equipment) from a variety of issues including Short Circuits, Over Voltage, High Surge, Earth Leakage, back-current in the Earthing etc.They offer Fault Indications as well, ensuring the best possible protection for expensive equipment.

Argon gas comes in different grades. Thus, there could be Grade 4.8 which would be 99.998% pure. Grade 5.0 would be 99.999% pure. To get good and repeatable analyses, the Argon gas should be at least 99.999% pure. The extent and type of impurities are also important. Moisture and Oxygen contribute the most to poor analysis. Normally, moisture and oxygen should be controlled to be within 2 ppm each. The more critical the application, the more pure the Argon Gas should be. Especially, when we analyse extra hard samples like chill cast cast irons (with high C & Si etc.) the purity has to be of an even better level. In some cases, customers face issues with the quality of Argon being used. In these cases, the moisture, Oxygen and / or hydrocarbon levels may exceed those that are needed for high-end analysis – and which should be availed of in UHP Argon. In such cases, there is a risk posed to analytical performance and also the optics components themselves – as these are sensitive to impure Argon (Argon that is not of UHP level as required). Metal Power’s Argon Purifer+ enables users to purify Argon gas and frees it from oxygen, moisture and hydrocarbons to acceptable levels if the input Argon gas is not of a high enough quality. To keep the pressure output stable, a clean technology pressure regulator is used inside the Argon Purfier+. Ths ensures that constant pressure is applied at all times to the OES for avoiding ripples. Argon Purifier+ therefore helps: • Improves analytical reproducibility • Improves the quality of burns • Reduces drift • Safeguards the OES

Metal Power’s CleanSharp – the Brushless Electrode Cleaner-Sharpener – helps make electrode tip cleaning and pointing easy, safe, quick & much better! Using CleanSharp to clean the unwanted metal residue from the electrode tip is not only simple, but also extremely effective. CleanSharp is light and compact (Weight: 375 grams, Length x Dia.: 170 mm x 40 mm) and the sturdy design and stainless steel construction make the Electrode Sharpener extremely robust and safe from external dust, making it the perfect tool to have in heavy industries. The CleanSharp also does not erode the Petrey/Base Plate hole and saves a lot of money. Brushes have been found to be very notorious in this regard. The smartly designed safety cap provided at the tip of the CleanSharp not only safeguards the sharpener bit from damage but can be also used as a Gap Settng Tool for all Spectrometers, maintaining a precise gap for excellent results. Easily replaceable sharpening bits for electrodes of different diameters and cone angles are also available. CleanSharp is easy to use and fits beautifully in the palm of your hand. Requiring zero maintenance, CleanSharp adds tremendous value, specially to users with high sample throughput.

Wire Adaptors

Metal Power’s Standard Wire Adapters are designed to analyze wires and wire rods from 2mm to 13mm in diameter. On the Metavision-10008X and Metavision-1008i3, we also offer the patented wire analysis source that extends this capability down to as low as 0.1 mm diameter.

Sampling Moulds

A range of long-life sampling moulds are offered for sampling from the furnace/ladle. The choice of mould depends on the molten metal to be sampled.

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