Metal Power was founded with the sole objective to make the highest levels of quality not only available, but also affordable to all manner of buyers globally. Founded in the face of a rigid market structure with prices that drove away most buyers, Metal Power has always ensured that our efforts deliver the highest level of quality along with the best economy over the product lifecycle. True pioneers in the field of CCD-based Optical Emission Spectrometers, our product philosophy is driven by the focus on offering a tailored model to meet every customer need – both analytical and financial. As an outcome, we offer the world’s widest range of spectrometers – with each offering positioned to be the best-in-class in terms of features as well as on economic value.

Founded with the vision of ensuring that the optimal spectrometer model is affordable and attainable for every single user in metals industries, Metal Power today prides itself on having delivered more than any other in this pursuit.


Our vision is to be and remain global leaders in analytical instruments and the supplier of choice for companies around the world. We will ceaselessly research and innovate to bring to the market, products and applications of the highest quality and efficiency to meet our customers’ needs, enabling them in turn to meet the highest quality standards and achieve more through less – be it on investment, maintenance or time.


We offer our clients a single-vendor solution to cater to all their analytical needs backed by a promise of industry-leading after-sales service to ensure uptime and productivity.


Spread across over 20,000 sq. ft. in the heart of Mumbai, our facilities are focused on delivering the highest quality of output.

At Metal Power, we pride ourselves on the state-of-the-art infrastructure for our Research & Development Centre, Manufacturing Works as well as our Laboratory which are equipped with best-in-class software tools and R&D facilities.

Awards &

Metal Power is a proud receipt of numerous awards over the years including the prestigious National award 2019 for path-breaking technology in the field of OES.

Metal Power’s R&D team has developed several new technologies and methodologies that have been patented and
are uniquely offered only by Metal Power, globally.

The Chandran Memorial Award for Applied Research and Innovative Technology
Proud Recipient of NATIONAL AWARD 2019 for Path-Breaking development in OES
Rail Analysis Innovation & Excellence Summit 2023 award for Excellence in Instrumentation and Testing Equipment

Profile and History

Founded in 1987, Metal Power provides a comprehensive range of products, applications and services to meet the analytical
needs of metal industries. Today the Company boasts over 35 years of experience serving the needs of ferrous and non-ferrous metals industries and has a truly global presence, spread across more than 35 countries in 5 continents. The common denominator across all our offerings – products, applications and services – remains our commitment to deliver the highest level of quality, reliability and uptime, while also offering the lowest cost over the product lifecycle, through low acquisition costs, backed by the highest quality of service and after-sales support to our customers – wherever they may be.

Our solutions have helped clients improve the quality of their products while also delivering millions in ongoing cost-savings and revenue enhancements through material cost savings, elimination of rework / rejections, dramatic improvements in productivity and of course, research and development of newer materials and alloys. Today, our instruments power several leading companies across industry sectors and geographical markets. With a rapidly expanding base of close to 3,000+ customers already, we are today, the largest OES firm in India and one of the fastest-growing in the world with a range of offerings which include:

Key Management

P. D. Pant

Chairman and Managing Director

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Mukund Pant


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C R Seshadri

President (Global Sales & Marketing)

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Research & Development -
The Metal Power Advantage

Innovation and invention have therefore always been a way of life and a driving force for us. At the core of all our efforts is our unique, one-of-a-kind and fully in-house R&D and Applications Centre. Spread across various functions – Optics, Embedded Systems, Applications, Software development etc. – our team is staffed by scientists, engineers and technologists working at the cutting edge of technology, carrying some of the richest and deepest reservoirs of expertise available in the field of analytical instruments for metal industries.

We are the first and only company to offer:

OES analyses are only as stable as the plasma and this plasma is generated by the current in the analytical gap. Given the nature of the gap, a voltage-controlled source leads to ripples and instability and therefore reduced precision. Current-controlled sources ensure uniform current at all points in time and therefore far better stability and precision of analyses. Metal Power is the first OES manufacturer in the world to ensure that every model in the portfolio, even at entry-level is equipped with the highest-quality constant-current sources, ensuring the highest level of precision in every class of instrument.

sources even at

Nitrogen is a key element for a large number of ferrous products. From low alloy steels and carbon steels to stainless steels, Nitrogen analysis is a key requirement for most OES users. Historically though, OES makers have restricted this feature only to high-end models and making it optional even there, ensuring N analysis remains out of reach for the large majority of buyers. Keeping in mind our customers’ needs, we have ensured that each and every model comes factory-calibrated for Nitrogen or at least offers the potential for a later on-site upgrade, ensuring that user needs are prioritized and investments are protected.

N analysis on
every model in
the portfolio

Time-resolved spectroscopy (TRS) provides a range of benefits – from lower detection limits to much-improved precision. However, this had long been considered exclusive to PMT OES. Using the latest-generation detectors and the most advanced analytical and software techniques, we have optimized TRS on our fully-CCD OES – and today offer TRS-equipped models for ensuring high precision and also features enabled by TRS such as soluble-insoluble analysis etc.

spectroscopy on
fully CMOS-based OES

O, N, and H are elements that are extremely difficult to analyse on OES; that said, the value that such analyses add makes some of all of these elements essential for the highest-end manufacturers – specially in Steel, Copper and Titanium applications. With our custom-developed and optimized gratings, cutting-edge detectors and optimized applications, our OES offer O and N analyses down to very low levels on both the Metavision-1008i3 as well as the Metavision-10008X.

Low O (1 ppm),
N (1 ppm)
C,S and P (1 ppm each)

Each customer is unique – and often, customers find that their analytical requirements are not being met by standard off-the-shelf offerings. At Metal Power, through our in-house Applications Lab and R&D team, we ensure that even these requirements are catered to, be it through specific tailored software solutions or tailored Analytical Programs and methods that meet these unique client requirements. From system connectivity to master alloy programs and beyond, we go to great extents to ensure a tailored solution for those with unique requirements


Patented Offerings:

Our R&D has developed several new technologies and methodologies that have been patented and
are uniquely offered only by Metal Power, globally. Some of these include:

We have developed a patented application method to analyse fine wires, fully quantitatively down to 0.1 mm thickness. This adds a new dimension to the analytical capabilities of OES – and obviates the need for different instruments / complex techniques to conduct such analyses

Fully quantitative fine
wires analysis down
to 0.1 mm diameter

Our patented D-Scan and M-Scan techniques enable us to increase the effective detector – and therefore pixel – count multi-fold. This enhances system resolution a integer multiples while not increasing component count or system complexity, resulting in greater economy as well as far higher stability of the system.

Designed to increase
detector resolution in
integer multiples

Our ‘Hydra’ fibre optics design supports our optical design patents. Through such solutions, we ensure higher resolution, stability and economy, delivering instruments that are best-in-class across all these parameters

Fibre optics design
to enable scanning

Our RPT-based H-Scan delivers industry-leading accuracy in the measurement of Hydrogen content in molten Aluminium. With a test time of just 3 minutes, this instrument provides complete traceability, and high accuracy, while also being extremely economical.

Detection of
Hydrogen in
molten Al (H-Scan)

Thin foils down to 50 microns are analysed using routine methods on our OES. For our higher-end models, we have a patented source and method that enables analysis down to even 20 micron thickness

Analysis of thin
foils (20 microns)
on OES

Our Core Values

Each of us is unique. Yet, fundamentally it is vital that all our actions and behaviours are grounded in a set of shared values.

Our Core Values serve as a guide to all aspects of our work and our behaviour, and to also define how we interact with our wider ecosystem. These values guide all our actions from the areas in which we work.

At Metal Power, we value equity, inclusion and diversity; we pride ourselves on offering equal opportunities and respect for all, irrespective of ethnicity, race, gender, age and orientation. Respect and humility are at the core of everything we do and stand for, and we shall always ensure the highest levels of consideration for our internal and external stakeholders.
Differences make us human;
mutual respect makes us a team

Diversity and Cultural Understanding

We are honest and transparent in all our dealings. Regardless of circumstance and environment, whether with internal or external stakeholders, our reputation and good name depends on our always being authentic and reliable. We shall therefore always act with integrity, be authentic at all times and take complete accountability for our actions, words and decisions.
trust is the hardest thing to earn –
and the easiest to lose

Integrity & Authenticity

Earning the trust of our customers is the one true metric to judge ourselves by, as people and as an organisation. We pride ourselves on always going beyond merely the “written word” to deliver value, quality, satisfaction and timely delivery of our products and services to all our customers – both within and outside the organization.
the only competition worth considering
is the gap to perfection

Customer Focus

Innovation is a part of our DNA. True advancement and innovation can only stem from continuous learning and a focus on what can be, as opposed to what already is. We therefore believe in unconstrained ideation in research, and unrelenting endeavour to develop these ideas into reality.
the only rules we are constrained by are
those set by science and our imagination

Unfettered Original Thinking

We are passionate about making a positive contribution to our ecosystems. Ensuring resource efficiency in everything we do, keeping a minimal carbon and energy footprint, giving back multifold to our society and our communities, and ensuring that all our people imbibe and implement sustainable practices is integral to our long-term success.
Sustainability every day – to ensure we
have tomorrows to look forward to


“If a thing is worth doing at all, it is worth doing well.” In any field of work, it is the weakest link that defines the strength of the combined output. It is therefore fundamental for us to ensure excellence in each and every activity we undertake, whether within or outside our organization. There is no activity that is so small or insignificant as to merit the slightest compromise on.
Excellence is not an act,
but a habit

Commitment to Excellence

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